Saturday, September 12, 2009

Today is the big day!

Ok so today is the big day for the Play! Ely Junior Productions will be showing their play The Game is on Your today at the Davis Theater in downtown Montgomery @2pm and 7pm. I will be shooting with them all day! More pics to follow!

There are so many beautiful details in this theater!

Hopefully people will be lined up to purchase there tickets today! Such a cute little ticket booth!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just a little "Me" time

OK so I decided I needed some portraits of myself. What good is a photographer without a picture? So anyway will a little help from my sweet husband and my trusty tripod we set out to find the perfect field where my vision could take place! It was a beautiful day so we got some really great pics. Here is just a few from the day.

I was a little nervous with all of the grasshoppers and who knows what other kinds of creatures there were out there! Eww!

Overall I think I was very brave and I conquered the rare breed of wild Montgomery Grasshopper!

Even though this shoot was about yours truly I wanted to snag a few of me and my love!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby Bella

I had the pleasure back in February to shoot a few newborn pics for some of my dear friends Jason and Christen's sweet new angel. I just love babies. They are just so sweet, fresh, and full of innocence! I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to take pictures that I know will be a part of her life for always. I am pleased to introduce Miss Isabella Renee Huffman! Here are just a few pics from our session and her sweet nursery!These bears are given out at the hospital when you are born. Isabella has her bear and her sisters bear she got from the hospital when she was born.

I actually made her this wreath. It was supposed to show her name but the feathers kind of took over!
This one just captures a fathers love.

Gotta love those tootsies!

What a sweet little munchkin!
Congratulations Jason and Christen on your beautiful baby girl!

Ely Junior Productions

I had the joy of working with Sylvester Folks and his crew of talented young actors over the last few months. Sylvester has always dreamed of writing plays and is now watching his dreams become reality. His play is called The Game is On You and will be playing Sept. 12 at the Historical Davis Theater in Montgomery Alabama. I thought I would share a few headsthots of the talented actors and maybe a sneak peak of what is to come....

To see more about the play check out his website